The History of Skolos

The History of Skolos

Uedeth Uinugâl, the First Age

An Elven Shelter

Skolos was originally a sheltered bay used in prehistory by elves at sea. The elves christened it Uedabeth, literally “stormshelter”. Little of the island was shaped by their hand; a single

RW: OB ud “storm; storm demon” + abad “shelter” = udabad

Game: OE ued “violent storm; storm demon” + abeth “shelter; fortification” = uedabeth

A Demon Bound

During the First War, when the athag openly walked the earth, the elves discovered a mighty ocean demon had risen and taken hold of Uedabeth. Many elves suffered corruption and died before the demon was contained beneath the earth, bound by powerful dwarven runes sung directly into the stone.

The elves then named the site Uedeth Uinugâl and forbade entry into the bay, transforming the watch house from a beacon of safety to one of warning.

RW: OB asag “demon; disease” & udug “demon (of desert, mountain, sea, tomb”

Game: OE athag “demon from the earth”

Skéabolon Akolos, the Second Age

Ruins rediscovered

The bay was rediscovered by humans, the Red Corsairs of Tomos. They built atop the strange ruins, making use of the eldritch power seeping through the very stone. What little archaeology the Corsairs bothered to enact led to the belief that an angel lay entombed, a victim of the First War. They named their small settlement Skéabolon Akolos.

The settlement grew into a village, with some retired Corsairs taking up permanent residence. With time and prosperity, the village became a small city, famous for it’s independence. The original founding families became the first noble bloodlines; ???

RW: A.Gk skia “shadow” + ebalon “throw”, agkelos “angel”

Game: ?? Skeabolon “cast shadow” + Akolos “angel”

Skavkolos, the Third Age

With the fall of the three great human empires of the Second Age, Skavkolos (as it was then known) retained some prosperity due to its independence and continued tolerance of all-comers. The port city grew with bandits, pirates, exiles and castaways from all empires, including the occasional elf, dwarf or orc.

Skavkolos continued to resist dominance from any upstart emperors, turning back the varied rulers and invaders during the Third Age. Skavkolos’ reputation as a haven … ???

Skolos, The Fourth Age

The History of Skolos

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